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Members of the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences group

  • Professor Michael Anderson (chair) - Chairman of the Trustees, National Library of Scotland and former Senior Vice-Principal, University of Edinburgh
  • Dr Nicholas Crowson - University of Birmingham, Department of History
  • Sue Gollifer - University of Brighton, Faculty of Arts & Architecture
  • Dr Dan Hull - Council for British Archaeology
  • Sally Hardy - Regional Studies Association
  • Dr Ruth McAreavey - Queen’s University Belfast, Institute of Spatial & Environmental Planning
  • Professor Panu Minkkinen - University of Leicester, Faculty of Law
  • Dr Thierry Rayna - London Metropolitan University, London Metropolitan Business School
  • Professor Charlotte Roueché - King’s College London, Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies
  • Professor Dan Shapiro - Lancaster University, Department of Sociology 
  • Professor Tom Stoneham - University of York, Department of Philosophy
  • Dr Richard Thomas - University of Leicester, School of Archaeology & Ancient History
  • Dr Panayiota Tsatsou - Swansea University, Department of Political and Cultural Studies
  • Dr Caroline Warman - University of Oxford, Faculty of Modern Languages
  • Helen Young - Loughborough University, University Library (Humanities & Social Sciences)
  • Professor John Young - De Montfort University, Faculty of Humanities
  • Professor David Zeitlyn - University of Kent, Department of Anthropology

Minutes of the group’s meetings are available below.

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