Are you ready for Web 3.0? From containers to objects

Added by Sarah on 20 January 2009 12:54

An interesting article by Tom Wilde published in Search Engine Land discusses how Web 3.0 is changing the way content is provided on the web and what challenges this might have for publishers.

He argues that there has been a shift in how people access content, from thinking of content in terms of ?containers? (packaged information like a whole journal or magazine) to ?objects? (a single article).

He says publishers will have to rethink how they structure their content so that articles can be found and shared in a Web 3.0 world and the importance of ensuring their content has a rich mark-up that includes tags and other relevant information. This information helps enable Web 3.0 tools, such as Digg to bring articles to people?s attention by popularity ratings from the users themselves.

In these difficult economic times, it seems publishers are going to have to increasingly look at how they can utilise these new Web tools to engage their users and to continue to make their journals viable.

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