Calling on all supervisors and research students...

Added by Stephane Goldstein on 25 February 2011 14:22

The RIN study on the role of research supervisors in information literacy, started in early 2011, is well under way. A crucial stage in the project has now been reached with the initiation of two survey questionnaires, one for research supervisors and one for research students.

RIN would greatly welcome input from both supervisors and students across all disciplinary areas, and we would appreciate if you might take the time to complete one or other of the questionnaires. This study, in an area which has to date received relatively little attention, should provide some very valuable insights and help to ensure that research students posess the necessary level of information literacy skills to pursue their careers successfully. Further details can be found here.

Please help us by taking part, and thank you very much in anticipation for your input.

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