A time of transition: RIN annual review 2009

Added by Sarah on 17 May 2010 14:51

The RIN’s second annual review, covers our project work and other activities during 2009, and gives you a preview of our work for 2010.

The RIN supports the development of effective information strategies and practices for the UK’s research community. Through conducting research, providing guidance and promoting innovation, we aim to meet the needs of researchers, institutions, funders, information professionals and everyone who plays a role in the research information landscape.

The theme of transition ran through much of the work that we undertook during 2009.This is a time when everyone involved in research information is having to adapt and respond to changes in policy, practice and culture.

These are exciting times for those with a stake in the research information landscape. We need to be ready to embrace these opportunities and prepared to address challenges and issues that arise. Providing advice and guidance to the research community continues to be a major part of our work.

As with all of our work, we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

If you’d like hard copies to distribute to colleagues, email contact@rin.ac.uk

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