Resourcing a common approach to the research and scholarly communications process

Added by Sarah on 12 August 2009

The RIN is working on a project to set up additional information, guidance and resources on its website to support key stakeholders in their contributions to the scholarly communications process, particularly in relation to policy.

The project is founded on all of the stakeholders being able to reflect on and adhere to a set of common principles as set out in our report Research and the Scholarly communications process: Towards strategic goals for public policy, published in March 2007. The project identified this set of common principles as one to which the community can look towards in order to develop their own role in the process – and in so doing the process as a whole.

Searchlighter initially undertook a stage of detailed research as to how these resources should be developed in partnership with Mark Ware Consulting. Searchlighter is currently completing the work to establish the online resources required by the scholarly communications community according to the research done so far with key stakeholders such as higher education institutions research administrators, research funders, libraries and publishers.

The objective is for this content to encourage reflection on how the agendas of different stakeholders might be aligned behind common goals and conflicts of interests resolved. With this in mind, RIN is looking to be able to provide information, guidance and resources to all the relevant stakeholders in relation to each of the principles identified in our report that is effectively a ‘Statement of principles’ for the process, and an identification of their roles in applying them.

The team have started a project blog, to collect and record ideas on what should be included. The project is due to be completed in first half of 2010.

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