UK scholarly journals: 2006 baseline report

Added by Sarah on 17 May 2006

An evidence-based analysis of data in scholarly journal publishing, including the volume and value of the journal market, usage, citation and impact factors and the cost and impact of open access journals.

A key issue for public policy is how best to promote and support the sustainable development of a world-class scholarly communications system for the UK. To develop these policies, solid and reliable evidence was needed about the current state of affairs. The RIN, the Department of Trade and Industry (now UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) and Research Councils UK (RCUK) commissioned this report to be a review of data relating to the operation and costs of scholarly journal publishing. The work was undertaken by Electronic Publishing Services Ltd (now Outsell), in association with Loughborough University’s Department of Information Science.

The report looks at the volume and value of the academic journal market; journal supply-side economics, including the effort and costs incurred by researchers and by publishers as part of their contribution to the publishing process and usage, including the split between the leading journals and the rest and at citations and impact factors, including whether articles in subscription journals are more likely to be cited than those in open access journals, or vice versa.

It also focuses on where there are significant differences between researchers as readers or authors in different disciplines and looks at the costs an dimpact of open access journals and of digital repositories.

Follow-up activities

We held a workshop in November 2006 to discuss a plan of action for addressing the issues raised by this work.

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