Researchers and discovery services: Behaviour, perceptions, needs

Added by Sarah on 20 December 2006

This study is part of RIN’s work to promote better arrangements for researchers to find out what information resources relevant to their work are available and how to access them.

Search and discovery are critical and integral parts of the research process. As this study shows, researchers devote considerable amounts of time and effort to using a wide range of services to find the information resources they need to pursue their research. Understanding how they do it, and seeking and listening to their views, is the first essential step towards improving services, and the efficiency of the research process as a whole. 

The study was undertaken by Rightscom, with the help of IRN Research in conducting telephone interviews with some 400 researchers and 50 librarians from a range of institutions and subjects and geographical locations. 

Follow-up activities

We held a workshop on 18 December 2006 to present and explain the conclusions of the study; to consider the implications of its findings, from the point of view of librarians as well as researchers; and to discuss ideas about what steps might be taken next.

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