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List of useful organisations relating to museums and archives

  • AIM25  (archives in London and the M25 area) provides on line access to descriptions of collections of more than 110 institutions holding archives including all HE insitutions, the royal colleges, scientific and cultural bodies and the London Metropolitan Archives
  • Archives Hub - use the Archives Hub to find unique sources for your research. The Archives Hub enables you to search across a wealth of archives held at nearly 200 UK institutions
  • ARLIS/UK & Ireland: the Art Libraries Society - the professional organisation for people involved in providing library and information services and documenting resources in the visual arts
  • Centre for Archive and Information Studies - provides archival education and research opportunities, offering Masters degrees, courses for Continuing Professional Development and PhD study in Archives, Records Management, Information Rights and Digital Preservation. CAIS is part of the School of Humanities at the University of Dundee.
  • Collections Trust - UK organisation for collections with the aim to improve the quality of life by ensuring that cultural collections are available for use and enjoyment by everyone, now and for the future
  • Council for Higher Education in Art and Design (CHEAD) - representative body for the art and design higher education sector. It provides a forum for debate and exchange of information and ideas for senior managers and seeks to inform, influence, and initiate policy in higher education in art and design at national and other levels
  • Council of Europe Culture portal - EU information and exchange platform for culture and cultural and natural heritage
  • Museum ID - an independent thinktank for museum and heritage professionals
  • Museums Association - association representing museums and galleries in the UK
  • Museums, etc - organisation that aims to promote best practice in the management and development of museums and galleries worldwide
  • Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA) - strategic body that promotes best practice in museums, libraries and archives, to inspire innovative, integrated and sustainable services for all
  • National Archives - the official archive of the UK Government. Helps government departments manage their information more effectively and promote the re-use of public sector information
  • The National Council on Archives - aims to bring together major bodies and organisations, including service providers, users, depositors and policy makers, across the UK concerned with archives and their use


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